Pupil Support

If you have a health issue or need some help / support from a teaching assistant in any of your lessons, then I will be working closely with you, your parents, Mrs Killworth and your teaching assistant / learning mentor to help you with your career plans and the decisions that you need to make.

My role includes:

* Coming to your review meetings from year 9 onwards to help me to get to know you and the kind of support you need.

* Early career interviews, usually during the Summer term of year 10 but I am able to see you at any time if you feel you would like to talk about your career ideas. Sometimes your teaching assistant might also  be there as they know you well and so can help me to support you.

* If your parents would also like to attend the careers interview then, as long as you are happy for them to do so, this can be arranged. Alternatively, I am happy to see your parents separately or I can talk to them on the telephone.

For some pupils, staying on in the 6th form isn’t the best option for them so if you need to move on from Bishop Walsh after year 11 then we will work closely with you and your parents to help you to find a college course or Apprenticeship that offers a relevant course, somewhere where you’ll get the support you need and somewhere that you’ll be happy to go to.

Bishop Walsh 6th Form

If you’re offered a place in the 6th form then Mrs Hayes is the Key Stage 5 Mentor. She ensures that you have all the support that you need to help you to achieve  your learning goals. Mrs Hayes also attends review meetings.

If you feel you would like to talk to me about your career options or have any questions about getting the support you need then please feel free to contact me at careers@bishopwalsh.net