Jobs and School Leaver Programmes

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Jobs with Training / School Leaver Programmes

If you feel ready to enter the world of work after leaving school then, as well as an  Apprenticeship, you could consider looking for a job or school leaver programme. More employers are recognising that not everyone wants to go to college or university full time and they are looking for motivated young people who they can train up within their own organisation. You should try to find a job that offers further training and accredited qualifications especially if you’re currently in year 11 as, by law, you need to stay in some form of education until you are 18 – see the RPA section for further details on this.

Why Choose this Option?

Finding a job with further training will enable you to gain qualifications, work experience, employability skills and references which will give you a good foundation from which to build your career.

With qualifications and experience behind you, you’ll be in a strong position to apply for other job vacancies or you may decide to return to education to gain higher level qualifications.

With an employer sponsoring you to go to college or to do a part time degree you won’t have the expenses or debt that full time students have.

Where to Look for Jobs

To look for advertised jobs there are lots of job vacancy websites, Jobcentre Plus, local newspapers such as the Birmingham Mail, employment agencies, company websites & school leaver job websites such as If a company has a vacancy there will always be details of this on their own website – scroll down on their Homepage and at the bottom you’ll usually find a section that says ‘Careers’ or ‘Work for Us’. See the Useful Websites section for links to job search sites.