Post-18 Options

bigstock-Explore-Your-Possibilities-42987091 In this section you’ll find information and advice on your post-18 options – Higher Education, Apprenticeships, Jobs and School Leaver Programmes and taking a Gap Year.



Higher Education / Apprenticeships / School Leaver Opportunities / Gap Year  


Deciding what you’re going to study and where is an exciting challenge that requires time and effort from you in order to help you to feel confident about your choices.

Is University The Right Option For Me?

Ask yourself

* Do I need a degree for my chosen career / career area?

* How will studying a degree enhance my career prospects?

* Is this the best route for me?

* Am I committed to academic study for another 3 years or longer?

* Have I explored student life & would I enjoy it?

* How do I really feel about graduating with a student debt?

* What am I hoping to get out of going to university?

* What kind of experience am I hoping to have?

Attending university is an investment in your future. Despite the high graduate unemployment rates of recent years, research shows that having a degree improves your chances of getting a job and over the long term you are likely to earn more money than people without a degree.

It’s okay not to know the exact job you want to do now or even after after graduating. Many students go to university unsure what career they want in the future but university is a big commitment so you owe it to yourself to invest time and effort in finding out what you could do and where it could take you!

Many graduates say that going to university was one of the best times of their lives and where they made friends for life.


Main Features

* A real job with training

* Earn while you learn

* Work towards recognised qualifications

* Take between 1 and 5 years to complete

* Cover over 1200 job roles in a range of industries from engineering to financial advice, veterinary nursing & accountancy.

Is An Apprenticeship The Right Option For Me?

Ask yourself

* Is it an option / a good route into your chosen career?

* Are you ready for the world of work and to be able to hold down a real job? This means adapting to workplace disciplines & routines

* If you don’t particularly like sitting in classrooms, if you like getting out there, getting stuck in & being more hands on, then you should seriously think about this pathway.

* Degree Apprenticeships ( from Sept 2015 )

* Co-designed by employers & universities, these new apprenticeship programmes ( initially only available in the fields of IT, Digital and Software ) will allow you to gain a degree whilst working.

* Available thanks to new government backing.

* You could gain a full Honours degree whilst doing an apprenticeship


Apprenticeships aren’t the only alternative to university, more and more employers are realising that many young people are interested in going straight into a job after 6th form but one that will offer them the opportunity to gain further qualifications whilst gaining valuable experience. There isn’t much difference between Apprenticeships & school leaver programmes so if you’re interested in a job after A levels you should be looking at both

Many school leaver programmes give you the opportunity to attend university on a part time basis or they may offer training in-house at the company’s own training centre.

Like apprenticeships, employers are looking for motivated young people who they can train up within their own organisation.

School leaver programmes are available in careers such as banking and finance, retail, engineering, construction and IT with companies such as KPMG, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Marks & Spencers, John Lewis, Network Rail, National Grid, NHS, Lloyds Bank and Capgemini.


Some employers offer to pay for you while you’re studying part time for a degree which is related to the job the company have employed you for. It takes longer but hopefully at the end of it you’ll have a job, good career prospects and money in the bank!! ( It’s possible that this option may soon be replaced by the new Degree Apprenticeships )


You can take a gap year before university, during your degree course or after completing university. It doesn’t just mean going travelling you can take a gap year at home, you can also work or volunteer but whatever you choose to do it’s important to carefully weigh up the pro’s and cons.



I haven’t covered this option here but if this is something that interests you then please refer yourself for a careers interview so that I can help you to look into this option.

Interested in 2 or more of these options but unsure which one to choose?!

Remember, you can apply for university then, during year 13, you can still be looking for apprenticeships & school leaver opportunities. If you don’t find the right opportunity for you, you still have the option of going to university, as long as you’re still happy to do this.

 At this stage it’s essential to thoroughly research all the options that interest you then try to keep your options open for as long as possible!!

If at any stage you feel you need some advice or you just want to discuss your ideas  then please contact me to arrange a careers interview either through Mrs Hayes or email me at