exam time or leaving school

Dear Lord, exams are the key to the choices we have in our future lives. Help us to face exams with confidence and a positive attitude in the knowlege that we have tried our hardest to prepare for these exams. May we be successful in exams so we can face the future full of hope. Amen

Global Issues

Dear Lord, help us to respect the sanctity of life. We pray for all those who have died as  a result of extreme acts. We particulalry remember those who died in The Boston marathon, April 2013. We pray for their souls and ask that you comfort their families. May the leaders act wisely as they seek justice for the victims. Amen.

The Elderly

Dear Lord never let us forget the knowledge and experience which comes with the elderly. Let us be prepared to listen and act on their advice recognising their worth and not their feeble body. Help them in their old age to be able to continue to enjoy life. Amen.

global issues

Creator God, you made humans the highlight of your creation and responsible for your world. Lord we need your help to prevent ruining your glorious world. Help each individual to do what they can whether it be recycling or picking up litter. Help the leaders of the world to do the right thing over the greater global issues to ensure your creation grows. Dear Lord, hear my prayer.

Family and friends

Loving Father, we pray for all families who are struggling during this economically difficult time. Help them Lord to stay strong together and help each other by  not making demands beyond the family means. Help them see the greatest riches is their love for each other. Amen.

Family and friends

Dear Lord, we pray for all those who’s families are divided either by distance or argument within the family. We pray that positive communication or  reconciliation can take place for the good of the whole family. You knew the loving power of a  family and we pray that all young people can experience that love too. Amen

The Lonely

Lord, we pray for those who are rejected by society because of prejudism. Help us to act as you would want b y treating evrone fairly so no one is left on their own. We askthis through Jesus sake. Amen

Prison 2

Dear God,

Please help those who are in prison to start afresh and help them not to commit further crime. Give them the strength to see the error of their ways and reflect on what they have done. Guide them in the right direction.


(Aoife Kenny)

Prison 1

Dear Lord,

Please help people in prison to see the error of their ways and the goodness that you have placed within their hearts.


(Alex Burns)