Make me a better person

Dear Lord, help us to love one another and let us open our eyes to see all the right and wrong that we have done.  Let us open our lips to speak what is right and not wrong.  Help us to make good decisions, be strong and not give up and live our lives as we should, in your image. Amen

Anya Nee

Lord make me a better person

Dear Lord, help us to gain courage to try new things which can make us stronger, and always think about trying to do God’s will to the best of our ability. Lead us in the right direction to be good Catholics and always put God before ourselves. Help us not to be a coward when showing people we believe in God and help us to be proud to profess our faith. Amen

Lucy Doyle

Make me a better person

Dear God, help us, through the gift of knowledge, to grow in our faith and become a better person. The gift of knowledge allows us to discover your will in everything. So help us to see you in everything we do to help us become better people. Give us the knowledge we need to make the right decisions in life. Amen

Ellie Samways.