exam time or leaving school

Dear Lord, exams are the key to the choices we have in our future lives. Help us to face exams with confidence and a positive attitude in the knowlege that we have tried our hardest to prepare for these exams. May we be successful in exams so we can face the future full of hope. Amen

Exam time and leaving school

Dear heavenly father, we are so grateful for the opportunity we have had to go to school. Please help us to be mindful of those who have not been as fortunate and we ask that you bless them. Bless all our teachers who have worked so hard to help us succeed.

As we embark on a new course in our lives guide us so that we may always make the right choices and so that we can continue to grow into the persons you would want us to be. This we ask in Jesus’ name. Amen

Joe Barron

Exam time and leaving school

Dear Lord, help us to appreciate all the useful opportunities we have and to use them to the best of our abilities. Give us the strength to persevere with our work, especially when we feel most pressured and stressed. Give us patience with those whom we perhaps dislike, let us be kind to those who may be unkind to us and generous to those who are selfish. Let us show them  your love and compassion. Amen

Grace Bentley