Family and friends

Loving Father, we pray for all families who are struggling during this economically difficult time. Help them Lord to stay strong together and help each other by  not making demands beyond the family means. Help them see the greatest riches is their love for each other. Amen.

Family and friends

Dear Lord, we pray for all those who’s families are divided either by distance or argument within the family. We pray that positive communication or  reconciliation can take place for the good of the whole family. You knew the loving power of a  family and we pray that all young people can experience that love too. Amen

Family and friends

Dear Lord, please pray for my family and friends. Let them live a warm and happy life. Let us all be successful in our lives and work to achieve all our goals. Let us all enjoy every moment and not be mean to others. Amen

Charlotte Boyce


Family and Friends

Dear God, thank you for my friends and family, the people who make me me. I pray that everyone be good and everyone be happy around me. May all my family love each other and may all my friends like me for who I am. Amen