Global Issues

Dear Lord, help us to respect the sanctity of life. We pray for all those who have died as  a result of extreme acts. We particulalry remember those who died in The Boston marathon, April 2013. We pray for their souls and ask that you comfort their families. May the leaders act wisely as they seek justice for the victims. Amen.

global issues

Creator God, you made humans the highlight of your creation and responsible for your world. Lord we need your help to prevent ruining your glorious world. Help each individual to do what they can whether it be recycling or picking up litter. Help the leaders of the world to do the right thing over the greater global issues to ensure your creation grows. Dear Lord, hear my prayer.

Global Issues

Dear Lord,

Please give us strength to stand up for what we believe in,
Please give us the courage to try something new,
Please give us caring friends and family to support us,
Please give us guidance to lead to success,
Please give us the mind to maintain high learning standards,
Please give us the enthusiasm to try our best,
Please guide us to do the right things and recognise the wrong.
We ask this through Christ our Lord,


Global Issues

Dear God,

Please help all those who are homeless around the world. May they find shelter.

Help those who are hungry. May they find food.

Please help us to be more considerate towards people in our world who have little and who suffer due to poverty. Help us to share what we have with those who need it. We pray for charity workers who strive to alleviate the effects of poverty and ask that they inspire others to focus on the needs to the downtrodden.