The Year of Mercy

Year of MercyBack in December, together with the Church throughout the world, students and staff at Bishop Walsh began to keep the Year of Mercy.

The Year offers us an opportunity to journey to a different and richer knowledge and experience of the mercy of God. It also provides us the opportunity to celebrate that mercy, and to live it more generously.

This month, January, Pope Francis wrote to young people of the world inviting them in a special way to join with him in prayer and celebration on April 23rd.

You can find the letter here:

Download (PDF, 157KB)

  • How might you respond to Pope Francis’ invitation?
  • Who might you invite to join with you?

Cyber Bullying

Dear Lord
We pray that you can protect us and keep us safe from harm
We pray that you guide us and help us to make wise decisions
We know we must always try to love one another and we must not take pleasure in the misfortune and pain of others
Let us use technology and the internet to enhance our lives so we can learn and work and not to do evil
May technology serve us Lord, so that we may better serve one another and serve you