Prayers of The Rosary

During the months of October and May we remember Mary, the Mother of Jesus. We are encouraged to say the Rosary every day throughout these months in order to remember the life of Mary and her answer to God’s call. Through the Rosary we are saying ‘thank you’ to Mary for the precious gift that she gave to us  – her son

Jesus Christ.


Throughout October and May you are

invited to say a decade of the Rosary every BREAK TIME in the CHAPEL.


Below is how we pray a decade of the Rosary: Sign of the Cross (to begin)

Our Father

Hail Mary (say this prayer 10 times)

Glory Be

Sign of the Cross (to end)

Prayer after the Rosary

Lord, help each of us to live the fullness of life by following your call. Send your Holy Spirit to guide those who are making life choices. We pray especially for those who are called to serve you in the priesthood or consecrated life; may they be supported in their vocations and truly be a sign of your love in the world.