Science Enrichment 2013

On the 8th and 9th July Year 7 and 8 pupils enjoyed an array of different activities in science. They were introduced to the various procedures that are carried out by scene of crime officers at a ‘crime scene’ such as presumptive blood testing, fingerprinting with carbon, fluorescent and magnetic powder, foot print analysis and skeletal analysis.

In the ‘crime lab’ pupils conducted blood type analysis, chromatography, flame tests to identify an unknown substance and microscope analysis to identify fibres and hair of different types.

In two other labs pupils learned the necessary skills for survival on a desert island. Pupils made rafts, shelters, sundials and soap! As well as this they devised a piece of apparatus to enable then to put their scientific knowledge into action in order to gain drinking water. Pupils also discovered the different remedies for various stings such as a bee sting and jelly fish sting.

In another lab pupils were able to hold and learn all about the chicks that we currently have in school as part of the’ Living Egg’s company project. They learnt about the life cycle of the chicken and how the colour of the chicks is determined by their gender.

May I take this opportunity to express a special thank you to the teaching staff and science technicians for all of their hard-work and dedication in preparing and delivering the sessions.  It has been a wonderful two days in science for enrichment this year and I am sure that the pupils have leant a lot as well as enjoying themselves immensely.

Mrs K Marston-Smith – Head of Science