There have been great changes to the majority of GCSE courses over the past three years and the year 11 pupils at Bishop Walsh Catholic School have worked diligently and have been rewarded with excellent GCSE and BTEC results.  Over three quarters of pupils achieved level 4s or above in both English and Mathematics.

Grace Martin was best in her year with eleven top grades. Sophie Leydon, Michael Zajac, Hannah Bleasdale, Tom O’Toole, Elizabeth Drust, Ailish Burke, Sophie Grant, Sophie Adam, Freya Fowler and Matthew Earle also achieved outstanding results in all of their examinations.

A total of 54% of grades in Religious Education were at numbers 7 to 9, including twenty eight 9s and twenty one 8s while in Mathematics 30% plus of grades were at 9, 8 or 7.  In English Language 84% of grades were given the standard pass (grade 4) and or above and 67% grades 5s or above.

Henryk Koryl, Head of School said, ‘Year 11 have worked very hard to achieve excellent GCSE results.  It has been a year of great change for both teachers and pupils. There has not only been an increase in the amount of information pupils are required to revise and remember, but there have also been changes made to the examination papers in an effort to further stretch and challenge pupil at the end of key stage 4. For three long years, our year 11 pupils have persisted in their efforts and have seized every opportunity to attend additional revision sessions in an effort to achieve to the very best of their ability.

As with everything we do at Bishop Walsh Catholic School, we believe in working as an extended family for the greater good of the pupils in our care. The success of our year 11 pupils is not only down to their hard work, but also the dedication and support of our teachers, teaching assistants, parents, Academy Representatives and Board of Directors, who all work tirelessly to nurture the God given talents of every young person who attends our school. Of course, we are not saying goodbye to the great majority of our Year 11 who will join our Sixth Form in a couple of weeks’ time.  ’