Chaplaincy Team

At Bishop Walsh Catholic School we are incredibly proud of our Chaplaincy Team. We have over 100 committed students who lead by example and are real witnesses of faith.

What is the Chaplaincy team?

The Chaplaincy Team consists of students from all year groups who take the lead on the Catholic life of the school. The Chaplaincy Team is split into two groups. The Senior team (Years 9-13) and the Junior team (Years 7 & 8). All students in the Chaplaincy team wear a badge and are proud of their role in the school.

What does the Chaplaincy team do?

The Chaplaincy team meets at least once per week and help to organise collective worship, tutor time activities and reflections. Alongside these ‘in school’ roles the Chaplaincy team has a presence beyond the school gates. For example, the Chaplaincy team has visited a care home and entertained its residents, led the prayer partner project in the Multi-Academy primary schools and visited St Chad’s Cathedral

How can I be a part of the Chaplaincy team?

Anyone is free to join the Chaplaincy time and contribute to the Catholic life of the School. At the start of the year we ask for a short application outlining why you wish to join the team. Alternatively, speak to Mr Baker if you wish to apply.