The Art Department at Bishop Walsh Catholic School aims to develop the knowledge skills and understanding of its pupils on social moral and spiritual levels through the study and practice of Art.

The department teaches students from Year 7 through to Year 13. This is broken down into the following:

Key Stage 3

The schemes of work at Key Stage 3 range from Portraiture projects to Cultural Studies.

Year7: Work in Year 7 begins with a Foundation Programme of skills looking at colour theory and art history through to how to handle equipment effectively. The students then refine and develop their pencil drawings through an in depth extended project.

Year 8: Students begin to look at their painting skills and develop some 3D work.

Key Stage 4

In Key Stage 4 students start in Year 9 and progress to Year 11. The schemes of work are designed to be structured but also allow students freedom to explore their own interests within a framework of a project.

Year 9: Students complete and Entry Level GCSE Certificate in Art and Design which is aimed to develop student’s skills and abilities so that they are more able to complete their GCSE in Year 10 or 11.

Year 10: Students begin to work on their GCSE In Art and Design, the more able being entered at the end of Year 10. Other students continue towards completion of their GCSE in Year 11.

Year 11: Students complete their GCSE in Art and Design. The more able will complete a second GCSE in the subject and the remainder will complete their full GCSE in Art and Design.

Therefore students could possibly end up with an Entry Level GCSE and two full GCSE’s in the Art and Design spectrum.

Key Stage 5

In Key Stage 5 students are expected to be more independent and schemes of work are designed for this. Students are expected to develop their own interests within the world of Art and Design. With guidance from their teachers students form a portfolio of work that includes sketch books, large paintings, personal studies and final outcomes.

Extra Curricular Information

The department offers its students the opportunity to visit many places of interest. These include educational visits to London galleries such as The Saatchi Gallery and Tate Modern. Students have also visited Birmingham’s Museums Collections Centre and The Yorkshire Sculpture Park. In 2012 6th form students went to Barcelona.
The department also runs an after school programme that ranges from an Art Club to sessions that allow students to complete any outstanding work.

Art Blog

Gallery February 2014 (2/28/2014)

The pieces you can see here is a selection of KS3, 4 and 5 students work. KS3 students have done drawings and paintings based on portraits. KS4 and 5 work is selected from GCSE and A level coursework and exam pieces.

3D Art Project 2013 (1/14/2014)