D and T Years 9, 10 and 11

Year 9

Pupils who opt’ for Resistant Materials during year  8 (for year 9) will gain the added experience of the school improvement project. Each year, year 9 pupils add to the hardscaping of the school grounds. So far they have produced an extensive decking area, that is particularly popular at break and lunchtimes. This year’s project is a pair of banquet tables to accompany the decking, and further seated areas around the playground. These projects instill additional knowledge of working methods and equipment; increase pupils’ pride in their own abilities and of the school, and have the added benefit of preparing pupils for realistic D.I.Y projects later in life.

Year 10

Each pupil will be designing their own particular product, to be made in year 11. Teaching will build upon previous knowledge of the design process: properties & uses of materials/joining methods/finishes etc with more emphasis on industrial manufacturing processes. Lessons and individual tasks will prepare pupils with revision material to help prepare for the GCSE exam (which counts for  40% of  the subject grade), as well as enabling pupils to compile a successful individual design portfolio (60% of the coursework grade).

All pupils must design and produce different, individual products, aimed at solving their own client’s unique situation. This has the benefits of allowing individuals to design & make a product that is of personal interest to them. It also enables them to gain the knowledge of using other equipment (as used by peers) in a safe and correct manner. Better preparing them for life after Bishop Walsh, as well as preparing them for future examinations.

Year 11

In year 11 pupils proceed with lessons & tasks, gaining the knowledge required for successful exam results. They also manufacture the product that has been designed in year 10, gaining experience of using a full range of wood, metal & plastic working equipment & tooling.

On completion of making, pupils will thoroughly test and evaluate their product with the involvement of their client, before suggesting appropriate improvements in their product’s design, as well as any sensible changes that should be made to allow commercial production to take place.

Useful links

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