D and T Year 7


In year 7 pupils begin with a three week base-line (Graphics based) assessment project, designing and producing pop-up cards. This highlights pupils’ start point within the subject, which is then used to monitor progression, as well as giving staff and pupils an insight into individual strengths and weaknesses.

During the main project, assessment boxes are dotted throughout the design folder. Pupils must read all instructions carefully, as well as check the assessment criteria that must be met during each task. This ensures that individuals are fully aware of how to progress through the levels. Higher levels can be achieved by producing more work than is basically asked for i.e: if the design folder asks for 4 pieces of annotation per design, this is a minimum and 5 or more would lead to the next level (so long as the extra work is appropriate). Pupils should aim to increase by 3 split levels per year.


Pupils spend three weeks gaining an understanding of the range of materials that apply to the subject, the categories of different materials as well as their individual properties and uses. This knowledge will be built upon over the coming years to enable pupils to succeed at GCSE and A-level.

Design & Make

The main project in year 7 is “Get the message”. This project is aimed at enabling pupils to gain an insight into the design process, and the use of basic hand tools (during the making of the jigsaw as a focused practical task), pupils produce their own note-pad holder. The product is designed for an external client and is aimed to promote environmental awareness.

Practical skills

The skills covered during the first year include the use of marking out tools, producing and using templates for batch production, the use of hand tools and an introduction to machinery (pillar/bench drills), with an emphasis on health & safety issues.

Past Work

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