Drama at KS4

If pupils opt to do GCSE Drama, they will also complete a BTEC first Certificate by the time they get to year 11, which gives them not only an extra qualification but also an opportunity to develop their practical performance skills which are essential to being successful at GCSE.
The GCSE course consists of the following units:

Unit 1: Drama Exploration

This unit is assessed through a series of 6 practical workshops and a written response to the work that they have done. Students will explore a range of stimuli based on ‘Image’ and ‘Perfection’ using drama strategies learned throughout the course and then write their response under controlled conditions in lesson time.

Unit 2: Exploring Play Text

Similar to Unit 1, all students will take part in 6 assessed workshops responding to a complete play text. We currently use Blood Brothers by Willy Russell which follows the journey of twins separated at birth who then grew up as friends in ignorance of their fraternity until the inevitable truth leads to their demise.
The written section of this unit is a response to a live piece of theatre. Pupils will experience live theatre as an audience member and should be able to make an analytical response to the production based on their knowledge of drama mediums and elements. We aim to take the pupils to see at least two performances giving them plenty of practice at writing their review.

Unit 3: Drama Performance

Students work in small groups to stage a performance piece which is examined by a visiting examiner. Each group either devise an original piece or stage an existing script in a creative and thoughtful way. The examiner will be assessing voice and movement, roles and characterisation, communication as well as control over content, style and form.