Our School

DSCF1992Bishop Walsh does its best to promote all those things which characterise an outstanding Catholic school; academic excellence, spiritual development and social awareness.  This vision for the school is rooted in the words and actions of Jesus. His greatest commandment being to ‘Love God and your neighbour’.   Loving God is seen in a pupil’s spiritual development. Loving your neighbour as yourself is about our young people’s social awareness and paying attention to academic excellence is all about expanding their life chances.  We are working closely with our partner primary schools in the St. John Paul II Multi-Academy to improve the life chances of all pupils in a Catholic Education in Sutton Coldfield and beyond.

Academic excellence was seen in 2016 with excellent A level results at Year 13 with 50% of the grades at A level being at A*, A or B.   The traditional measure of 5A*-Cs came in at 94% but what was particularly pleasing in last year’s year 11 was the very high number of pupils who gained A*-Cs at GCSE including English and Maths at 78%.

The word Catholic means universal and so it is no surprise that we are truly comprehensive and proud of it.   At Bishop Walsh we are committed to working for all children, because gaining qualifications or academic excellence is not just an end in itself but a means of giving our children choices in life. The more choices in life, the more fulfilled, happy and contented they can be.
At Bishop Walsh parents can be guaranteed that the staff will work hard for children under their care so that they will leave the school with the knowledge and skills to reflect and act on gospel values, to flourish in our society, concerned for others before themselves.  We expect our pupils to have high expectations and personal standards and to take advantage of the many opportunities that come their way.   We need your support as parents in sharing the values of our Catholic school and working with us to make the most of the important years ahead for their children.
Mr H.J. Koryl (Acting Head of School)