Members of Full Academy Committee 2018/19

Academy Committee of Bishop Walsh Catholic School

Foundation Representatives

  • Mr Peter McCann – Chair
  • Mr Martin Jackson – Vice Chair
  • Fr Neil Bayliss
  • Mr Brian Devlin
  • Mrs Jane Fleming
  • Mrs Christine Marples
  • Fr Allen Morris
  • Mrs Caroline McGovern
  • Mrs Jacqui Teague
  • Vacancy
  • Vacancy

Parent Representatives

  • Mrs Elaine Martin
  • Dr Marcia Shakespeare

Staff Representatives

  • Miss Emily Doyle
  • Mr Sean Barlow

Head of school

  • Mr Henryk J Koryl


  • Mrs J Hayes

1. Premises Finance and Staffing:

  • Joint Chair – Mrs C Marples,Mr M Jackson
  • Mr S Barlow, Mr John Farrell,Mrs McGovern, Mrs E Martin
  • Co-opted – Mrs D Knott, Mr H Koryl
  • Sub Committee:    
    • Health & Safety – Mrs D Knott, Mr J B Farrell, Mr J Carroll

2. Curriculum and Ethos Committee:

  • Joint Chair –   Mrs J Fleming,Mrs J Teague
  •  Mr B Devlin, Mr J B Farrell, Fr A Morris, Mrs C Marples, Mr P McCann, Dr M Shakespeare
  • Co-opted – Miss B Dunphy, Mr B Nielan, Mr H Koryl
  • Sub Committee:    
    • Pay Review 
    •  Disciplinary & Grievance 
    • Appeals re Disciplinary, Grievance, Pay Review
    • Headteacher’s Performance Review 
    • Pupils Disciplinary Appeals Panel 

3. Admissions Advisory Panel:

Register of Business Interests

register of business interests

Multi Academy Register of Business Interests