Admissions and Policies

Admission Policy 2016-17
Admission Policy 2017-18
Admission Policy 2018-19
School Admission Appeal Timetable 2017
Supplementary Information Form (SIF) 2017

Curriculum Model 2014 -15

Improvement and Development
Access Plan 15 - 17
Accessibility Planning Objectives
John Paul II Multi-Academy Development Plan 2016-17
School Improvement Plan 2016-17.

Section 48 Ofsted Report October 2016
Section 5 Ofsted Report April 2016

Access to Fair Assessment
Anti-bullying Policy June 2015
Application for Leave of Absence
Application free School Meals
Attendance Policy March 2013
Behaviour Policy 2016
Bishop Walsh Safeguarding Policy Feb 2016
Charging Policy
Complaints Policy 2014-2015
Data Protection 2014
Equality Policy July 2015
Esaftey Policy DRAFT November 2015
Exam Contingency Plan 2016
Exam Policy 2016-17
Exams - Emergency Evacuation Procedure 2016
Exams - Internal Appeals Procedures 2016
Exams - SEN & Disability Policy (exams)
Exams - Word Processor Policy 2016
First Aid Policy
Free School Meals Application (link to website)
Health and Safety Policy March14
Looked After Children Policy 2011
Mental Health And Wellbeing Policy
More Able Philosophy July 2014
OffSite Data Policy
Parents Evening Feedback April 2014
School Record Keeping Policy Adopted by Academy Committee May 2015
School Uniform
School Uniform - Sutton Charities Uniform Letter April 2015
Sex and Relationship Education Policy (In progress by C&E Committee)
Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Policy June 2015
Substance Misuse Policy June 2015
Whistleblowing Policy Oct 2014

Multi Academy Agreed Policies

Pupil Premium
Bishop Walsh Pupil Premium Statement 2016

KS5 2016 Analysis
Performance Analysis KS3-4 2014-15

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