Staff List 2016-2017

Staff, 2016-2017.

Fr. Allen Morris – Priest Chaplain


Mr Farrell – Headteacher
Miss Dunphy – Deputy Headteacher ic Learning and Wellbeing
Mr Koryl – Deputy Headteacher ic Learning & Teaching
Mr Hamill – Assistant Headteacher ic Assessment for Learning
Mr Howes – Assistant Headteacher ic Key Stage 4 Leader
Miss Darby – Acting Assistant Headteacher ic Catholic Life and CPD. Lead Practitioner
Mr. Neilan – Acting Assistant Headteacher.  ic Key Stage 3 Leader
Mrs Marston-Smith – Assistant Headteacher ic Post 16 Leader
Mrs Knott – JPIIMA Principal Finance Officer/BWCS Business Manager and line manager for all support staff

Heads of Year

Miss E. Doyle – Head of Year 7
Mrs Clegg – Head of Year 8
Mr O’Rourke – Head of Year 9
Mrs May – Head of Year 10
Mrs Chilwan – Head of Year 11
Mr Foley – Head of Year 12
Miss McManus – Head of Year 13

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Mrs Hornby-Walsh
Mrs Tack
Mr Taylor – Head of Department – Lead Practitioner

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Business Studies

Mr Barlow
Mr O’Rourke

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Miss Dunphy
Miss Darby – Lead Practitioner
Miss Foley
Mrs Bethell
Fr. Allen Morris

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Miss Byrne
Miss Darby – Head of Department – Lead Practitioner
Mrs Dexter

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Mrs Yeubrey
Mrs Priestnall – Head of Department

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Mrs Adriano
Mrs Bissell – Head of Department
Mrs Chilwan
Miss Yeubrey
Miss Forker
Mr Howes
Mrs Killworth
Mrs Kyriacou
Miss Leo
Miss Smith
Mr Swann

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Food Technology /Child Development/Health and Social Care

Miss Condron
Mrs Nash – Head of Department
Mrs Parker

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Mrs Clegg
Miss Doyle
Miss Gardiner  – Head of Department
Mrs Koryl
Mrs price

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Mrs Bowker
Mrs Brown
Mr Butler
Mr Farrell
Mr Foley – Head of Department
Mrs Hamill
Mrs Hampson
Mrs Koryl
Mr Koryl

Miss McManus

Mr Neilan
Mr Popplewell

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Mrs Clancy
Mr Lewis – Head of Department

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Mrs Newbold-Comyns
Dr Devine – Lead Practitioner
Mrs Foley
Mr Fung
Miss Gill
Mr Hamill

Miss Healy

Mrs Lines
Mr Marshall

Miss Mycock

Mrs Prytherick – Head of Department

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Mrs Yeubrey – Head of Department
Mrs Chilwan
Miss Smith

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Mrs Bowker – Head of Department
Mrs Dawson
Mr Early
Mrs Schlicht

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Music/Music Tech

Mr Roxburgh
Mr Turner – Head of Department

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Mr Butler
Mrs Clegg
Mrs Hampson
Mr Huddleston – Head of Department
Miss McManus
Mrs O’Shea

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Mr Foley – Head of Department
Mr Neilan

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Miss Condron – Head of Department
Miss Gill
Mr Hamill
Mrs May – Lead Practitioner

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Mrs Brown
Miss Dunphy – Head of Department
Mrs Ellis
Mrs Farrell

Mr Foley

Mrs Keane
Mrs Koryl
Miss Meek
Miss McManus
Mrs Perfect

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Resistant Materials

Mr Nugent – Head of Department
Mr Walters

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Mr Bryan
Mr Killworth – Head of Department
Mr Green
Miss Lee
Mrs Marston-Smith
Miss McMahon
Miss Qumar
Mrs Price
Mr Sturgess
Miss Twist

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Mrs Hornby-Walsh – Head of Department

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Support Staff

Mr Allen-Smith – Site Manager
Mrs Baldock – Teaching/General Assistant/Lead dinner supervisor
Mrs Busby – Receptionist
Mrs Turner – Office Manager
Mrs Bethell – Cover Manager/Educational Visits Coordinator & Clerk to JPIIMA
Mr Burn – Assistant BSS
Mr Carroll – Attendance Officer & Community, Funding and Lettings Manager
Mrs Gill – Assistant SENCO
Mr Harrison – Grounds Maintenance
Mr Hartley – Acting Cover Manager.  Curriculum Support Assistant
Mrs Hayes – KS5 Learning Mentor & Clerk to the Governors
Mrs Hazel – KS4 Learning Mentor & Cover
Mrs Hill – Finance Assistant
Mrs Knott – JPIIMA Principal Finance Officer & BWCS Business Manager and line manager for all support staff
Mrs Lane – Learning Progress Assistant (LPA)
Mrs Ledwith – Learning Progress Assistant (LPA)
Mr Lloyd – Admin/Finance Officer
Mrs Mannion – KS3 Learning Mentor & ic Damascus Room
Mrs Markham – Learning Progress Assistant (LPA)
Mrs O’Shea – Curriculum Support Assistant and P/T PA to Head
Miss Purchase – Learning Progress Assistant (LPA)
Mr Rice – Strategic ICT and Operations Leader across the St. John Paul II Multi-Academy
Ms Rogers – Learning Progress Assistant (LPA)
Mrs Smith – Science Technician
Mrs Stewart – P/T Head’s and LT PA
Mrs Thompson – Examinations and Data Officer
Mrs Wakefield – Learning Progress Assistant (LPA)
Mr Williams – Senior Science Technician

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