Welcome to the parents’ area.  On these pages you will find help and advice on how you can help your son or daughter to become more effective learners. Parents have a huge influence on how successful their children will be in life. We have some information you may find useful.Here you can also find information about the school’s Governors and their role.  The school newsletters are published here.  The school prospectus includes information on uniform, school opening times and lesson times.
Helping your child to become a successful learner
Some of the most interesting work on how children (or any one) can develop their skills and literally become cleverer has been done by Carol Dweck a researcher at Stamford University. Her research shows that by developing a certain ‘mindset’ – a pupil can develop far beyond their expected potential. The key to success is not innate talent or intelligence – it’s effort. Average abilities can become exceptional with extreme effort, amazing talent will become eventually mediocre without sustained effort. This is a very inspiring discovery for those of us who are average (at the moment!).

The power of homework in helping your child to learn
Click here for a very interesting article on the impact homework can have on helping pupils to learn:

There is a link to our virtual learning environment.  This is where learning resources, online courses, learning resources and homework tasks as well as advice on coursework can be found.
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The Bishop Walsh Association
The BWA exists to promote good links between parents and staff, to raise funds for the school, and to contribute to the development of the school. For more information click on the BWA page below.