Catholic Life


Catholic schools exist in this diocese so that the Gospel of Jesus Christ continues to be proclaimed amongst the up and coming generations. Primarily they are of service to the families of the local Catholic community, supporting parents in their duties as first educators of their children in the faith.

In this task Catholic schools provide youngsters with the opportunity of being educated in an environment of faith, where learning is assimilated within the human search for meaning, purpose and fulfillment in life which we believe comes from God and is ultimately directed towards God.

The Church believes that through this task it makes a significant contribution to the formation of the citizens of the future and of the common good.

The School wishes to help the children to affirm for themselves the choice made for them by their parents at their baptism, to know Jesus Christ and to choose to live as authentic disciples, worshiping God and living their lives in service of a neighbour.

We offer opportunities for the children to pray in school, and to explore their faith in many ways and in different settings.

Living as a Catholic is something that cannot be confined to school, and we expect, and help, families and students to play an active part in the life of their local parish, and the local Church more broadly.