Collective Worship

Whole School collective worship

At Bishop Walsh Catholic School we are privileged to have the capacity to seat all of our students in one space to celebrate mass or to hold a service. We have the capacity to seat over 1100 students including all staff members. This creates a reverent and moving experience allowing all of our students to encounter God through the collective faith of our school

Our whole school masses are celebrated by Fr Allen Morris, our school chaplain.


Year group/ tutor group masses.

Central to the spiritual life at Bishop Walsh is the tutor group masses celebrated by Fr Allen. Every year each tutor group in the school has the opportunity to celebrate mass together in our school chapel. This is a great opportunity for our students to reaffirm their connections to their tutor group as a family in faith. The tutor group mass is planned for by the students and they are asked to reflect on the intention and readings of the mass.

Beginning in 2019/20 there will now be a new opportunity for collective worship with the introduction of year group masses. Annually, each year group will meet to celebrate mass with Fr Allen and offer up their intentions. This will provide our students with greater opportunities to grow as a community of faith alongside their year group.