How does Bishop Walsh Promote Democracy?

On Thursday 7th May 2015, Bishop Walsh Catholic School held a mock election for the Sutton Coldfield constituency. The pupils had an assembly leading up to the election and were further informed about key party policies in house group discussions. Turnout was an impressive 53.1% considering pupils could only vote at break and lunchtime. Our pupils were well behaved both inside and outside the polling station and showed great maturity in exercising their democratic right. I believe it gave them a greater understanding of British politics and our democratic processes and I hope they are enthused to become active citizens now and in the future.


Here were the results:

6th = Richard Brighton-Knight (Lib Dems) – 20 votes.
5th = David Ratcliff (Greens) – 24 votes.
4th = Mark Sleigh (Ubuntu) – 58 votes.
3rd = Andrew Mitchell (Conservative) – 97 votes.
2nd = Marcus John Brown (UKIP) – 163 votes.
1st and elected = Robert Pocock (Labour) – 171 votes.

Finally, my thanks go to Mr Foley and the AS politics students who helped to run the event in the gym…it could not have happened without them.

Mr Neilan.