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Principal’s Message
Congratulations to our year 13 Students!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (8/17/2017)


‘’I am delighted for our year 13 students, their parents and our staff as Bishop Walsh Catholic School celebrates record A level results’’ said John Farrell, Principal at the school in Wylde Green Rd which is part of the St. John Paul II Multi-Academy.

Students and staff have coped really well with the changes to A level which produced more rigorous modes of examination. The average grade per entry was a B. The number of A*/A grades improved to 27% which is another school record.  60% of results were at A*, A or B. This is even more impressive when you consider that, at Bishop Walsh, this is the seventh consecutive year that 50% of results or above were at grades A*, A or B.

John Farrell commented that, ‘‘Year 13 were a studious year group.  Notably they looked out for each other and cared about those less fortunate locally as well as globally.  They utilised the help of loving parents and a talented staff to give them real choices in life.   We wish all our year 13 students best wishes as they embark on Apprenticeships, Employment or University.’

Interestingly our joint top two students both gained 3A* grades in identical subjects and are moving onto the same university doing the same course! Evie Neylon and Galway Ivey both did Chemistry, Mathematics and Further Mathematics and are both going to Cambridge University to study Natural Sciences.  We are delighted that Emily Palgrave gained two distinction stars in the reformed Level 3 BTEC qualifications in Applied Science and Business as well as an A level in Health and Social Care.  Emily is pursuing a top quality Higher Apprenticeship in our own City of Birmingham.

In a bumper year for top grades students who obtained 2A*s and an A at A level include Miriam Jones, Philip Jedruszklewicz, Emma Buckley, Patrick Meehan, Ryan Smith and Luke Reilly.    In a year where the bar is higher all subjects at Bishop Walsh have done better at A level than last year.  Well done in particular to the following subjects which had an A*-B percentage of more than 60%: Applied Science, Business Studies, Computer Science, Economics, English Literature, Further Mathematics, History, Mathematics, Media and Politics.

Mr J.B. Farrell – Principal of Bishop Walsh Catholic School

part of the St. John Paul II Multi-Academy










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